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The intervention of Cuban forces in Angola's civil war in killed Kissinger's efforts. A few weeks after President Jimmy Carter took the presidential oath of office in , he ordered a new round of talks in the hope of normalizing ties with Havana, but Cuba's military adventures in Africa in support of leftist causes and candidates doomed that initiative too.

Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W.

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Bush maintained a foreign policy that ruled out any concessions toward Havana unless there was regime change in communist Cuba. It was not until the spring of , when President Obama was already in his second term, that he authorized the start of exploratory discussions with Havana. The first meeting took place in June that year in Canada, in full secrecy. Pope Francis wrote to the U.

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In October , U. That development managed to stay out of the public eye until December 17, , when Obama and Castro announced that Washington and Havana would resume diplomatic ties. During the presidential campaign, President-elect Donald Trump said he will reverse all of what he called the "concessions" President Obama made in an effort to normalize relations with Cuba, unless Havana meets certain demands. The real estate billionaire said "We're going to stand with the Cuban people in their fight against communist oppression.

We're on the right side.

Great people. They are great people. The president's one-sided deal for Cuba and with Cuba, benefits only the Castro regime. In the past, Trump has said he supports normalized relations, but would have preferred a better deal. Antonio G. Rodiles, a Cuban political activist, told VOA in an interview, that he thinks Castro will become "a shadow" that will disappear "little by little. Rodiles said, " He's going to disappear.

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  • Afaan Oromoo voaafaanoromoo. Nightmarish instability in Syria had consequences not just for the region but for Europe as well, where hundreds of thousands of Syrians fled in pursuit of refuge from the chaotic conditions in their country. Growing Russian ambitions in the Middle East under Putin also were a source of frustration, as was the Putin-ordered military occupation of neighboring Ukraine in In response to the Russian occupation, the United States and European nations imposed economic sanctions against Russia but they brought about no withdrawal of Russian forces.

    At the start of his second term in , he and the leaders of five other nations began negotiations with Iran that resulted in a agreement designed to prevent that country from developing nuclear weapons for at least a decade in return for removing United Nations-imposed economic sanctions. Under the agreement, Iran surrendered 97 percent of its enriched uranium. Obama also restored diplomatic relations with communist Cuba in December for the first time in more than a half century and visited the country in March In , the president reached a bilateral climate agreement in which China and the United States agreed to substantially reduce carbon emissions.

    That agreement laid the foundation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in , at which nearly every country in the world agreed to monitor their emissions and develop plans to reduce them. In an effort to tie Pacific nations more closely to the United States than to China, Obama negotiated a multinational trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, with twelve trading partners from round the Pacific basin.

    TPP was caught up in election-year politics in , however, when the leading candidates in both major political parties opposed it, and it was never presented to Congress. He enunciated no sweeping Obama Doctrine analogous to the Monroe Doctrine or the Bush Doctrine, preferring to deal with situations as they arose around the globe on a case-by-case basis.

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    Obama: The President who hoped to change America

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    American Radicals and the Change We Could Believe In