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Nothing could he more magnificent.

Chapter CI - Story of the boy and three princes

The combed his hair with a lightness and skill that were delightful. Then they dressed him, but not in his own clothes; they brought others much richer. He silently wondered at all that was taking place, and sometimes could not quite control a certain impulse of fear. When he was powdered, curled, perfumed, adorned and made more beautiful than Adonis, the hands led him into a hail resplendent with gildings and furniture. Looking round you saw the histories of the most famous cats; Rodillardus hung up by the feet at the Council of Rats, Puss in Boots, Marquis of Carabbas, the cat who wrote, the cat who became a woman, the sorcerers who became cats, their nocturnal revels and all their ceremonies; nothing could be more curious than these pictures.

The table was laid for two, with gold knife, fork and spoon for each; the sideboard was magnificent with a number of rock crystal vases and a thousand precious stones. The prince did not know for whom the two covers were intended; he perceived cats taking their places in a little orchestra built on purpose; one held a book in which was written the most extraordinary music imaginable another a roll of paper with which he beat time, and the rest had small guitars.

Suddenly each began to mew in a different key, and to strike the strings of their guitars with their sharp claws; it was the strangest music ever heard. The prince would have thought himself in hell, if the palace had not been too wonderful to give probability to such a thought, but he stuffed up his ears and laughed heartily at the different postures and grimaces of the novel musicians.

He was thinking over his various adventures since his entrance into the castle, when he saw a little figure no bigger than your arm enter the hall. The little creature was shrouded in a long, black crape veil. Two cats conducted her; they were in mourning, with cloaks and swords at their sides; a numerous procession of cats followed; some carried rat-traps full of rats and others mice in cages.

The prince was more astonished than ever; he did not know what to think. The little black figure approached him, and raising her veil, he saw the most beautiful white cat that ever was or ever will be. She looked very young and sad; she began to mew so softly and prettily that it went straight to the heart. She said to the prince: "King's son, you are welcome; my cat-like majesty is glad to see you.

Come," she continued, "let supper be served and the musicians cease, because the prince does not understand what they say. Supper was brought, the bodiless hands waited at table.

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First two dishes were put on the tables, one of young pigeons and the other of fat mice. The sight of the one prevented the prince from eating the other, imagining that the same cook had prepared them both. But the little cat, guessing by his expression what was passing in his mind, assured him that his kitchen was separate, and that he might eat what was given him without fear of its being rats or mice. There was no need to repeat it; the prince felt quite sure the beautiful little cat would not deceive him. He was surprised to see that on her paw she wore a miniature.

He asked her to show it him, thinking it would be Master Minagrobis. He was astonished to see a young man so handsome that it was scarcely creditable nature could have formed one like him and who resembled him so closely that it would not have been possible to paint his portrait better.

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She sighed, and becoming more melancholy, remained perfectly silent. The prince saw there was something extraordinary beneath; however, fearing to displease or annoy the cat, he dared not ask.

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He told her all the news he could think of, and found her well informed about the various interests of princes, and other things that happened in the world. After supper White Cat invited her guest to enter a hail containing a stage on which twelve cats and twelve monkeys danced a ballet. The former were dressed as Moors and the latter as Chinese.

Their leaps and capers may easily be imagined, and now and again they exchanged blows with their paws. Thus the evening ended. White Cat bade her guest good-night; the hands which had been his guides all along took charge of him again, and led him to an apartment just opposite the one he had seen.

It was less magnificent than elegant. It was carpeted with butterflies' wings, whose varied colours formed a thousand different flowers. There were also very rare birds' feathers, never seen perhaps except in this place. The beds were of gauze, fastened by a thousand knots of ribbons.

There were large mirrors reaching from the ceiling to the floor, and the chased gold frames represented a thousand little Cupids,.

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The prince went to bed in silence, for he could not carry on a conversation with the hands; he did not sleep well and was awakened by a confused noise. The hands took him out of bed, and dressed him in hunting costume. White Cat was going hunting and wished the prince to join her. The helpful hands gave him a wooden horse, which galloped at full speed, and stepped grandly. He made some difficulty about mounting, saving that he was far from being a knight errant like Don Quixote; but his resistance was of no avail, and he was put on the wooden horse.

It had housings and saddle of gold and diamond embroidery. White Cat was mounted on the handsomest and finest monkey ever seen. She did not wear her long veil, but a dragoon hat, which lent her such a determined expression that all the mice of the neighbourhood were in terror. Never was there a pleasanter hunt; the cats ran quicker than the rabbits and the hares, so that when they caught them White Cat had the quarry made in front of her, and a thousand skilful and delightful tricks were done.

The birds, too, were scarcely safe, for the cats climbed the trees, and the wonderful monkey carried White Cat even into the eagles' nests, so that she might dispose of the eaglets according to her pleasure. The hunt ended, she blew a horn about a finger's length, but with so loud and clear a Sound that it could easily be heard ten leagues off. When she had blown it two or three times, she was surrounded by all the cats of the Country some were in the air driving chariots, others in boats came by water; never had so many been seen before.

They were all dressed differently. White Cat returned to the castle with the pompous procession, and begged the prince to come too.

http://fensterstudio.ru/components/pilexyn/pov-programa-para-rastrear.php He was most willing, although it seemed to him that so mans' cats savoured somewhat of uproar and sorcery, and the cat who could speak astonished him more than all the rest. As soon as she reached home she put on her long black veil; she supped with the prince. He was hungry and ate with a good appetite; liqueurs were served him which he drank with great pleasure, and immediately forgot the little dog he was to take the king. He only thought of mewing with the White Cat, that is, to keep her pleasant and faithful company; the days passed in pleasant fetes, fishing, hunting, ballets, feasts, and many other ways in which he amused himself capitally; sometimes the White Cat composed verses and songs of so passionate a character that it seemed she must have a tender heart, and that she could not speak as she did without loving; but her secretary, an elderly cat, wrote so badly that although her works have been preserved, it is impossible to read them.

The prince had forgotten even his country. The hands of which I spoke continued to serve him. He sometimes regretted he was not a cat, in order that he might spend his life in that pleasant company.

The Three Beautiful Princesses - African Movie 2019 Nigerian Movies

Either become a woman or make me a cat. A year passes so quickly when you have neither cares nor troubles, and are in good health. White Cat knew when he ought to return, and as he had quite forgotten it, she reminded him. Unless I procure a dog wonderful enough to win me a kingdom, and a horse speedy enough to travel so long a distance in time, it is all up with my fame and fortune. White Cat to comfort him said: "King's son, do not vex yourself, I am your friend.

You can stay here another day, and although it is five hundred leagues from here to your country, the wooden horse will take you there in less than twelve hours. He was so anxious to see it that he wanted to open it, but White Cat told him it might be cold on the journey and t would therefore be better to wait till he was with his father. He thanked her a thousand times, and bade her a tender farewell.

They parted; the prince was the first to arrive at the castle where the meeting with his brothers had been arranged to take place. They joined him very soon, and were surprised to see a Wooden horse in the courtyard that leaped better than all those in the riding schools. The prince came to meet them. They embraced each other affectionately and related their adventures; but our prince did not tell his brothers his real ad ventures and showed them a wretched dog which served as turnspit saying he considered it so pretty that it was the one he destined for the king.

No matter how they loved one another, the two eldest were secretly glad of the youngest's foolish choice; being at dinner, one trod on the other's foot as if to say there was nothing to fear on that score. The next day they went on together in the same coach. The king's two eldest sons brought little dogs in baskets, so beautiful and delicate that One scarcely dared to touch them; the youngest brought the miserable turnspit, which was so dirty that no one could bear it.

When they reached the palace, they were greeted and welcomed by all; they entered the king's rooms. He did not know in whose favour to decide, for the dogs brought by his two eldest sons were almost equally beautiful, and they were already disputing the succession when the youngest brought them into harmony by drawing out of his pocket the acorn White Cat had given him.

He quickly opened it, and they saw a little dog lying on cotton wool. He passed through a ring without touching it. The prince put him on the ground, and he began to dance with castanets as lightly as the most famous Spanish girl. He was of a thousand different colours, his silky hair and ears dragged on the ground.