PDF 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband: How to Put a Smile on His Face

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Not a Member? With the same candor and creativity that made Men Are Life Waffles—Women Are Like Spaghetti more than , copies sold a bestseller, author Pam Farrel gives wives 52 ways to wow their husbands and add spark to their marriages. Pam delivers humor in her fun woman-to-woman style through inspirational stories, godly advice, and easy-to-read offerings that include:.

10 Things Every Wife Needs To Do For Her Husband

Newlyweds, married with kids, or empty nesters will appreciate these ideas crafted for the busy life. A woman can try one idea a week for a year or take on a few at a time to deepen her spiritual, emotional, and physical bond with her loved one. They are cofounders and codirectors It provides a lot of great ideas for working toward a better martial relationship.

It is one that all married women need to have in their personal libraries and refer to regularly. I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs-up! In my opinion, this book is a must have for all wives.

Good morning texts for her that will make her day

Ideal for one a week for a year, or do a few at a time. Highly Recommended. One of the things that Jennifer and her husband struggled with was sexual intimacy. Around halfway into Lent, Jennifer started to notice that not only were they having sex more regularly, but the sex was better, too! She wrote on her blog that it was beautiful to see what an impact she had on her husband and how her intention to do better positively impacted their marriage.

This made her more loving, caring, happy, and it felt that she was serving her husband in Christ. Yes, if you really want it to! And if you initiate the change. It also led her to trust that her husband seeks the Lord in all his decisions.

We predict that the mutual benefit you receive will keep the day yes challenge going long after the period is up. Put a few things in your desk drawer that could help lighten the load of your mate by providing comic relief. I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but stock up so you can be spontaneous.


FIRST Wild Card Tour: 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband by Pam Farrel - Three Different Directions

If you are prepared, you can seize the moment! And a spontaneous attitude has its payoff. If you have light at the end of your responsibility tunnel, the daily load is easier to bear. Every day, do something that will make your man laugh.

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Or amp it up and. Bond with laughter on an LOL date: a musical comedy, visit a comedy club or Improv performance or rent a comedic video or DVR a clean comedy special. Make it your goal to remember those humorous things you see, things you say, jokes and stories you hear, signs, billboards and bumper stickers you read.

It is during these times you most need to cultivate fun, humor and laughter in your marriage. During one very difficult transition when responsibilities were high, and money was low, Bill and I developed the joke walk.